5 Things Successful Leaders Do Differently During Remote Work

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

1. They offer more compassion and empathy.

The key to being a truly effective leader is understanding that your people are above all else human beings, just like you.

2. They show more vulnerability.

“Our ability to be daring leaders will never be greater than our capacity for vulnerability” — Brené Brown

No one can escape the painful effects of COVID-19, though certainly some have been impacted more severely than others.

3. They trust their people more and push for results less.

Being trusting is especially challenging for some leaders during work-from-home, because now they can’t oversee their employees work.

4. They encourage taking more time off work.

Burnout is a predominant issue in America’s working culture, as well as many societies around the world.

5. They spend more time building morale.

One of the most important parts of leading during a pandemic is remembering to make time for fun. Stress is all around us right now and so it’s even more necessary to interrupt work in order to bring joy to everyone’s day.

Stories of a former high school teacher, now business consultant. Husband. Travel fanatic. Obsessed coffee drinker. And all-around nerd.

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