5 Ways Working From Home Has Actually Helped Me Slow Down and Live Life to the Fullest

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Pause: I appreciate every precious morning

I used to have a perfectly timed morning routine. I would wake up, shower, get dressed (I always laid out my clothes the night before), eat a quick breakfast, take coffee on the go, and hop in the car for work.

Breathe: I practice yoga and meditation every day

I have been practicing yoga and meditation on and off for years now, because relaxation is one of the keys to keeping my autoimmune arthritis under control.

Ponder: I think of new ways to show people I care

Quarantine has truly transformed the way we communicate with people. We all had to get creative, because we couldn’t see people in person.

Choose: I spend more time outdoors

I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors, but never as a part of my work day.

Do: I go on a walk after eating

One of the best ways I’ve slowed down during quarantine is during and after meals.

Stories of a former high school teacher, now business consultant. Husband. Travel fanatic. Obsessed coffee drinker. And all-around nerd.

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