How America Created “Burn-out Syndrome”

Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

1. In America, working overtime is the norm.

According to a the a Gallup poll from 2014, most Americans work longer than the average 40 hour work week — one of the highest figures in the world. This research doesn’t even take into account how much time Americans spend working outside of actual work. Thanks to technology, Americans find themselves constantly connected to work via their phones and computers. Whether it’s checking emails, answering phone calls, or doing actual work, Americans often work into the evenings and on weekends — what used to be precious time for relaxing and unwinding the effects of burn-out.

from the American Institute of Stress

2. Many Americans can’t afford time off from work.

The Center for Economic and Policy Research came out with a study in 2007 called “No-Vacation Nation”, which details the vacation policies of countries around the world. The researchers found that America is the only advanced economy that does not mandate paid vacation leave for its workers. This means nearly 1 in 4 Americans don’t get paid time off from work.

Graphic from made by Statista

3. Americans don’t use their vacation days.

Even when Americans do have paid vacation days, they don’t want to use them. Recent research from Kimble Applications (a U.K. based software company) discovered that 47% of Americans didn’t use all of their vacation time last year and a whopping 21% had more than five vacation days remaining. So even though Americans receive some of the shortest paid time off globally, they still don’t even use all of the time off they can.

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