How COVID-19 Will Change K-12 Education Forever

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

1. Teacher education programs will require virtual learning instruction methods

In a recent Gallup Education poll, the #1 answer for why some teachers may not use digital tools? Training.

“More than half of teachers — 56 percent — cited lack of training as a ‘significant’ or ‘extremely significant’ problem.”

I know this from my teaching experience, because many school leaders were themselves unfamiliar with technology and therefore never led with an educational technology strategy that supported teachers development.

2. Schools will build in virtual learning time

One aspect of education that desperately needs to catch up to the modern life is the school schedule. It’s amazing to see that although entire nations have shut down, the economy can still run because a vast majority of work can now be done online.

3. State standards will include virtual learning skills

One area that many schools have overlooked in adopting new technologies is teaching those technologies to the students. I remember all too well hearing teachers complain that their “tech-savvy” students weren’t as tech-savvy as they assumed.

4. Standardized tests will change or disappear completely

When done well, standardized tests have a place in education. But when these tests and what they’re assessing aren’t keeping pace with the world at large, then what’s the point?

5. The stigma with online or virtual schooling will fade

Currently, virtual school is an option reserved for special circumstances — students in unique situations or with unique learning needs.

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