This Is the Biggest Fear Holding You Back

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
photo from Winston-Salem Journal
Screenshot from Jang’s Vlog recounting his Krispy Kreme donut ask source: Reddit

“When you get rejected in life, when you are facing the next obstacle or next failure, consider the possibilities. Don’t run. If you just embrace them, they might become your gifts as well.” — Jia Jang

Next, acknowledge the other person’s hesitation and doubt at the request. We’ve all been there: after making a request the other person hesitates, unsure what to do. In that moment, Jang says, it’s good to acknowledge their doubt and in turn gain their trust in the situation. Jang would even ask the person “Is that weird?” (Because let’s face it the ask was, in fact, weird) and this made the other person feel better about their doubt. Then, the person felt they could trust Jang and wanted to work with him to come up with a way to accept the request or create a compromise.

“Rejection was my curse, was my boogeyman. It has bothered me my whole life because I was running away from it. Then I started embracing it. I turned that into the biggest gift in my life.”

Stories of a former high school teacher, now business consultant. Husband. Travel fanatic. Obsessed coffee drinker. And all-around nerd.

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