What Higher Education Needs to Stop from Becoming Obsolete

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

1. Get rid of degrees altogether

There are two major problems with college majors that make them obsolete:

2. Teach students how to learn, not what to learn

If I get stuck in my job, I search Google or Youtube or I ask someone who knows. Yet these are the skills that education isn’t teaching students.

3. Offer real-world training outside of the classroom

I’m seeing a lot of working adults who didn’t attend college but rather chose to get their training through a specific program or on-the-job apprenticeship training. They were prepared for a career that they’re in and they make a lot more money than I do, despite my graduate degree.

Stories of a former high school teacher, now business consultant. Husband. Travel fanatic. Obsessed coffee drinker. And all-around nerd.

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