Why We Should Take a “Nap-puccino” Every Day

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From Daniel Pink’s book “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing”
From Daniel Pink’s book “When”
  1. Relaxing with someone is better than being alone. Find someone you work with or call up someone you know. Taking a break with someone helps alleviate stress and build community.
  2. Moving around is better than sitting. I like to take a “sisu” break, as the Finns would say. I always remind my students that movement is what gets the blood flowing to your brain and it’s no different for adults. Get up, get away from your desk and get your body moving.
  3. Outside is better than inside. Again, this component also gives you some critical “sisu” by connecting with nature as humans were meant to do, not cooped up under artificial light looking at digital screens all day. Give your eyes a rest, for real.
  4. Fully detached from work beats semi-detached. When you give yourself a break, leave your phone and computer behind. Go out and socialize, without talking about work. This matters, because as Daniel Pink says,

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